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Chinguard: :) :(;):P:D:|:O:SO.O8):_(:-*
Chinguard: :) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-*
frosty: I think Chin is under the influence:P
Chinguard: underwear
frosty: under somewhere but betting it is PURPLE!
frosty: Gator: PM , i lost the link to your website
Chinguard: Steam sale starts today :D
frosty: you dont need any more stinkin games Chin
frosty: Goat stimulator is all you need!
Jackson: Rusty I see your at rank 6 on warface. Only 2 more and the full game opens up. All the starter kits are on sale this week on steam if your interested. $6.99 ;) :)
feldspar: just wish I was influenced.O.O
killer: Driving to New York:O:O
DubbleJ: awww Horace Schitt
killer: Just pre ordered Black ops 3
frosty: Bist du verrückt Killer?
frosty: CHIN: PM's
killer: Just a little Frosty:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
frosty: :)
Dirtydog: Happy 4th of July my American friends!:)
killer: CD stop sending your smoke down here
frosty: we know he is full of hot air but didnt know he took up smoking ;)
killer: 100 degrees out :(
frosty: CHIN PM
feldspar: what's the take on BO3?
killer: Beta for BO3 starts august 24th. Will have dedicated servers like BO2
feldspar: maybe, I dunno.
Jackson: I am glad to see they are doing a beta test like the old days though in the old days you were not required to buy the game first. Seems like a bit of a ploy to sell more copys but will give treyarch the benfit of the doubt for now. We shall see.:D
Jackson: Double XP weekend on Warface! ;)
frosty: only 17 days til we party in MI!
Chinguard: 16 hr 22min 10sec
Chinguard: 16 day 22hr 16min
frosty: 16:17:19
Chinguard: 15:06:04
frosty: 14:18:34
Chinguard: 13:19:54
frosty: 12:19:50

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