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frosty: ha ha, I know what DubbleJ did on his lunch break :)
Chinguard: Get back to work
Chinguard: 8:2:49
frosty: 7:2:08
Chinguard: 6:20:49
frosty: 5:20:05
frosty: 4:20:42
Chinguard: 4:02:57
Arthane: 999:999:999
killer: Not nice arthane :)
killer: 3:23:30
frosty: chin, PM
frosty: 2:22:22
killer: 2:19:49
Chinguard: 2:15:38
Chinguard: or about one day for me
frosty: Hope you are ready for the invasion Chin! party starts friday noon!
killer: 48 hours from now, i will be on the road to the bash :)
frosty: Drive Safely Killer!
Chinguard: Frosty pm
frosty: chin, PM
killer: 1:04:13
feldspar: hope everyone made it home safely.
Jackson: Double XP this weekend on WarFace!
Jackson: Frosty I just saw you went up a couple of ranks in Warface. If I'd known you were on I would have givin you a clan invite. I wouldn't feel so lonely with 3 BA members in the lineup. :D ;)
frosty: I should be back on this afternoon Jackson.
Jackson: I'll leave the game on even if I'm not playin and maybe I'll catch ya.
Jackson: I saw ya playin and sent a clan invite, don't know what happened. :S
Jackson: Maybe you'll get it the next time you start the game.
Jackson: Saw your ingame message Frosty but didn't get the notice that you had excepted and your not in the clan list. Don't know what's going on. Could have something to do with rank i guess. Maybe we can try again sometime. ;)
frosty: i saw the invite twice and accepted but I am only rank 7 :(
killer: pc beta for BO3 starts at 6pm today central time
killer: 15 gb
killer: restart steam to download beta
killer: update your graphics drivers
frosty: fast paced game. No FFA in beta

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