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killer: Internet will be back on tomorrow!! :) :):)
frosty: DOUBLE XP Black Ops3 thru Monday am
frosty: DOUBLE WEAPON XP through monday, BLops3
killer: Thunderstorm in the middle of December, crazy
Jackson: Frosty could you read my last forums post agin. I was doing an edit to it when a thank you popped up from you and I'm afraid you my have missed the edit. I need you to check something for me. :D
frosty: sry Jackson. been busy. will check it tonight
frosty: Still up and running Jackson. Blood-Angels warface clan
frosty: Merry Christmas Eve!!! Hope Santa jingles your bells tonight!
Jackson: Merry Christmas to all. :D
feldspar: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Hope you all, have the most wonderful day and get all that you want or need!
feldspar: I sometimes feel as if I would have a faster internet connection by tethering to my phone!:|
frosty: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
killer: Time to replace the valve cover gasket on my car
killer: 8-12" of snow for me next mon
frosty: Keep it there!
killer: $0.65/gallon . Only cost $8 to fill my tank from empty, :) :P:P:P:P:P
[RGC]GATOR: Snow is coming to you and me also Frosty O.O
killer: I might get close to 16", i am telling it to all go to pist. you can have it.
frosty: gator, I thought we were gonna miss it! now that HappyGo is in his house maybe I should pay attention to the weather :0
[RGC]GATOR: Now they said it has changed to further up north.
frosty: Glad we missed it!
frosty: anyone know who fifacoins7085 is? they are blocked for now
frosty: Black Ops3 2x weapon xp this weekend. New maps are out as well
feldspar: don't know the coins guy.
Gomer Pyle: Animal Man is back online with a rebuilt PC. How do we get him into Teamspeak? Asking for password.
AnimalMan29: Help me, I've reformatted & I can't get in..ts that is!
frosty: animal back online
feldspar: Happy Easter(!) :D
feldspar: hi everyone! miss you all. if you can get up early, I try to be on at 0830 eastern on mon/tues
Gomer Pyle: HI!
frosty: HI!
feldspar: Forever regretting dl'ing windows 10 to my PC!
Arthane: You saw nothing! Move along!
frosty: Pokemon Go anyone?
[RGC]GATOR: Pokemon left the building.;)

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