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Jackson: When?

US Server [EDT]: Wednesday September 2nd, 4PM – Thursday September 3rd, 2AM
Jackson: Dang another nice sized update but can't so far find any info as to what's in it. :S
Jackson: I tried to join you on the Hanger map tonight Frosty but the game was full. :_( Maybe next time. ;)
frosty: AFK for a week Jackson, will catch ya on the return
Jackson: Saw ya playin the Hanger map earlier tonight MD but had my heart set on some Oil Depot. Oil Depot the Nuketown of Warface, very fast and a chance for a lot of kills. In a nutshell, fast rank up. ;)
frosty: anyone up for world at war on sunday?
Jackson: Hey all, my dsl modem went down last thursday and it took until today to get a new one sent to me from centurylink. I hope ya'll didn't miss the extra xp weekend on Warface. I dang sure did. :_(
feldspar: BO III digital deluxe version preordered. O.O
frosty: Done with your soap opera yet Chin?
feldspar: achieved rank 9 in warface. welcome to the big time! :P
Jackson: Well done Feldspar! :D
Jackson: MD wanted to let you know I'm having some website problems at the moment but your sig should be back up and running soon.
feldspar: was on this morning wondering where everyone was.
frosty: sometimes we cant get the COD2 gang together.
frosty: TS down, ticket in
frosty: anyone up for a warface night?
Jackson: Just saw this Frosty, I've been super busy the last few weeks remodeling my living room. Very slow only being able to work on it after work and weekends. Still probably have a couple of more weeks before being done. I do play a little in the early evening though.
frosty: OK Jackson. Caught in some freelance photography atm, I will catch up with ya later.
frosty: World at War 8pm Central with Run-n-Gun!
feldspar: just noticed the "auto-subscribe" is gone! yippee!
feldspar: Sweet! Release date BO III and I'll be home alone all day! From 3 a.m. until about 6:30. Jo is working OT and the little one goes to her dads!
feldspar: heh, and the night before, i'll be counting box tops and attending a PTO meeting.
Jackson: Want to try a couple of new weapons on Warface. Redeem this code rVCqCFzJxFzKd to get them for 3 days. Start the launcher and at the top click "redeem code" and enter it. Not sure how long this lasts so try um soon. ;)
Jackson: Been playin with the AC7 SMG and it kicks ass. :D
killer: Pre-load black ops 3 now live. Will take me 1 day using my phone.
killer: 47 gb
killer: new Nvidia driver out for black ops III
frosty: 8 hours to go
frosty: launched the game and...more to download!!! WTFudge
feldspar: had another hours worth of dl this morning. looks like our router/modem needs upgraded. keeps dropping signal. >.<
killer: Looking like you can't play with each other in Free-for - all:(
feldspar: I hope that isn't the case
killer: Internet will be back on tomorrow!! :) :):)
frosty: DOUBLE XP Black Ops3 thru Monday am
frosty: DOUBLE WEAPON XP through monday, BLops3

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